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Q161. A user leaves the workstation frequently and does not want sensitive material to be accessed. In addition, the user does not want to turn off the computer every time in the evening. Which of the following is the BEST solution for securing the workstation? 

A. Set a strong password that requires a renewal every 30 days. 

B. Run a screensaver after one minute of nonuse and fingerprint lock for afterhours. 

C. Apply a screen lock after five minutes of nonuse and login time restrictions for afterhours. 

D. Require a password and fingerprint lock afterhours. 


Q162. A technician is configuring a SOHO router to ensure network computers can only use secured protocols on the Internet. Which of the following ports should be allowed? 

A. 143 

B. 23 

C. 443 

D. 3269 

E. 3389 


Q163. A technician’s is onsite troubleshooting a user's issue and receives a call from another customer. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the technician to take in this situation? 

A. Let the call go to voicemail and respond when time permits. 

B. Leave the current appointment to assist the calling customer. 

C. Ignore the call and continue with the scheduled itinerary. 

D. Apologize to the customer and answer the call. 


Q164. A user reports that their wireless connectivity is being spotty. The issue seems to interrupt their wireless signal connection when the laptop screen is tilted forward or backward during 

operation. When this happens, the entire wireless signal drops out until the screen is left in position for a good minute or so. Which of the following MOST likely explains what is happening? 

A. The hinges on the laptop screen are not strong enough to support the wireless signal cables. 

B. The wireless card is losing contact to its socket when the screen is opening/closing. 

C. The laptop is designed to work optimally with wireless when the screen is at a perfect 90 degree angle. 

D. The wireless signal cables are being crimped when the screen is opening/closing. 



A Windows 7 machine appears to have a failure. Every time it is rebooted, the message "BOOTMGR is missing" appears. You have previously inserted a Windows 7 installation DVD into the DVD-ROM. Please repair this failure without overwriting the customers' local user profiles. 


Launch the simulation to repair the failure 

Type Help in command line to show list of available commands 

When you have completed the simulation, please select the done button. 

Answer: Please review explanation for detailed answer. 

Q166. On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network traffic for filtering or monitoring? 

A. Content Advisor 

B. Proxy Settings 

C. Network Drive Mapping 

D. Local Security Policy 


Q167. A customer calls an IT consultant to explain an issue they are having with their Windows 7 Professional PC. Windows Update attempts to install patches upon each startup but fails on the same single update. The customer has attempted to re-run Windows Update from Control Panel but the issue remains. Which of the following courses of action would BEST resolve the problem? 

A. Running a full DEFRAG on the system 

B. Clearing the AppData temp folder entirely 

C. Clearing the Windows Update download cache entirely D. Uninstalling the Windows Update feature in Windows 7 and reinstalling it directly from the Microsoft website 


Q168. Which of the following best practices is used to fix a zero-day vulnerability on Linux? 

A. Scheduled backup 

B. Scheduled disk maintenance 

C. Patch management 

D. Antivirus update 


Q169. Which of the following tasks is automatically added to the task scheduler in Windows to keep hard disk performance up? 

A. defrag 

B. chkdsk 

C. cleanmgr 

D. diskpart 


Q170. A technician is installing a wireless network and wants to limit the signal available outside the building. Which of the following would help accomplish this? 

A. Place directional antennas 

B. Use omni-directional antennas 

C. Enable MAC filtering 

D. Disable SSID broadcast