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2021 Jul 1Z0-514 testing engine

Q41. You create an index, EMP_IDX, on the ENAME column in the EMP table.

Identify the three operations in which FMP_IDX would be used? (Choose three.)

A. addition of new data to the EMP table

B. deletion of existing row from the EMP table

C. modification of data in any column in the EMP table

D. all queries that display data from the ENAME column

E. queries that search for data based on a condition on the ENAME column

Answer: A,B,E

Q42. Which two statements are true regarding the Undo Retention Settings? (Choose two.)

A. Enabling Retention Guarantee ensures that only long-running Queries do not fail.

B. Undo Retention Indicates the time period for which committed transaction data is retained.

C. Enabling Retention Guarantee ensures that long running queries and transactions do not fail.

D. Undo Retention indicates the time period or which uncommitted transaction data is retained.

Answer: B,C

Q43. Which two statements are true regarding indexes? (Choose two.)

A. column can have multiple indexes created on it.

B. An index can be created on one or more columns.

C. Index must be created in the same tablespace as the table.

D. Indexes are implicitly created by the PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE constrains.

Answer: B,D

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Q44. Which three statements about the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) are true? (Choose three)

A. requires the database to be open

B. analyses the performance of specified objects

C. implements all recommendations automatically

D. recommends solutions and quantifies expected benefits

E. retains snapshots in the SYSAUX tablespace until the database is restarted

F. analyzes the snapshots stored in the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

Answer: D,E,F

Q45. Which two statements are true regarding point-in-time recovery? (Choose two.)

A. It requires the SPFILE.

B. It requires the control file.

C. It uses only online redo logs.

D. It uses both archivelog and online redo logs.

Answer: B,C

Q46. View the exhibit

and examine the structure of the PRODUCTS table.

The PRODUCTS table contains 20 rows.

In the data that has been entered, the PROD_ID column contains only single digit values, PROD_NAMKhas a maximum of 5 characters, and RATE has 4 digit values for all rows.

Which two statements are true regarding the modifications that can be performed to the structure of the PRODUCTS table? (Choose two.)

A. PROD_NAME size can be reduced from 10 to 5 characters.

B. PROD_IP can be changed from CHAR to NUMBER data type.

C. Now columns can be added only if they have NOT NULL constraint.

D. PROD_RATE size can be changed from NUMBER (4) to NUMBER (6, 2).

E. None of the existing columns can be dropped because they contain data.

Answer: A,D

Q47. View the exhibit below and examine the details entered.

User HR has made some modifications to the data in the HR.EMPLOYEES table. You need to now restore the data in the table to a previous version and use the Enterprise Manager.

From which source dose the operation flash back the table data to the specified time?

A. redo logs

B. undo tablespace

C. flash recovery area

D. temporary tablespace

Answer: C