Exam Code: 1Z0-520 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-520 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. Your customer is interested in implementing revision control for the finished goods model items. Which two requirements can be met by implementing revision control? (Choose two.) 

A. changing model functionality when on-hand quantity is available 

B. tracking design changes in other modules (BOM, Work In Process) with a different model number 

C. scrapping the old model and introducing a new model which has changes in functionality and features 

D. accommodating a slight design change in the model, where functionality and features remain the same 

E. tracking design changes in all other functions, such as Bill of Materials, Routings, Work in Process, and so on, using the same model number 

Answer: D,E 

Q132. The client wants to implement reorder point planning for some items in the organization. They currently use min-max planning. What is the minimum amount of information that needs to be changed on the items the client wants to plan? 

A. Safety Stock Quantity and Forecast 

B. Safety Stock Quantity, Inventory Planning Method set to Reorder Point, Forecast Quantity, Carrying Cost 

C. Safety Stock Quantity, Inventory Planning Method set to Reorder Point, Forecast Quantity, Carrying Cost, and Order Cost 

D. Safety Stock Quantity, Inventory Planning Method set to Reorder Point, Forecast Quantity, Carrying Cost, Order Cost, and Maximum Order Quantity 

E. Safety Stock Quantity, Inventory Planning Method set to Reorder Point, Forecast Quantity, Carrying Cost, Order Cost, and Minimum Order Quantity 

Answer: C 

Q133. ACME requires cycle counting variance approval tolerances and the Approval Required option is set to: If out of tolerance. When the actual count falls within tolerance, Inventory   . 

A. automatically approves and posts the cycle count adjustment 

B. automatically approves, but does not post the cycle count adjustment 

C. holds the cycle count adjustment for approval and posts it after approval 

D. holds the cycle count adjustment for a recount and does not post the adjustment 

Answer: A 

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Q134. Select the true statement about Material Status Control. 

A. The profile option "INV: Default Item Status" must be set to Active at the site level to enforce Material Status Control. 

B. The profile option "INV: Material Status Support" must be set to Yes at the site level to enforce Material Status Control. 

C. The profile option "INV: Transaction Reasons Security" must be set to Yes at the site level to enforce Material Status Control. 

D. The profile option "INV: Allow Expense to Asset Transfer" must be set to Yes at the application level to enforce Material Status Control. 

Answer: B 

Q135. Inventory organizations B1 and M1 each have five unique physical separations of material inventory area, which are under locator control. Customer shippable goods are stored in the Finished Goods Inventory (FGI) storage area. The raw material storage area is called Stores. B1 wants to transfer customer goods from one locator to another. Identify the transaction that will accomplish the transfer. 

A. Subinventory transfer 

B. Direct interorganization transfer 

C. Account Alias Issue and Receipt 

D. Miscellaneous Issue and Receipt 

E. Interorganization transfer by way of intransit 

Answer: A 

Q136. You have performed all the prerequisite setups for the creation of sourcing rules for items to be included in a blanket purchase agreement (blanket). However, when the buyer tries to approve the blanket, a caution is displayed stating that no sourcing rules are created. What could be the two reasons for this? (Choose two.) 

A. Approved supplier list is not defined for the sourcing rule. 

B. The blanket purchase order Start Date and End Date are null. 

C. The buyer did not have the necessary approval authority to create sourcing rules. 

D. Items on blanket do not have the Purchased and Purchasable item attributes enabled. 

E. The blanket effective period overlaps with the multiple effective periods in the sourcing rule. 

Answer: B,E 


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Q137. What are the prerequisites for performing an accurate ABC Compile for inventory items using the Current on-hand value as the compile criterion? 

A. items costed only 

B. items with on-hand quantity only 

C. either items with on-hand quantity or items costed 

D. Both items with on-hand quantity and items costed 

Answer: D 

Q138. The SLA: SRS Trace Mode profile option indicates where the debug information provided by the concurrent programs is printed. The values for this profile option are -lip and  . (Choose two.) 

A. AF File 

B. LogFile 

C. OutFile 

D. User Defined file name 

Answer: A,B 

Q139. Your customer has two manufacturing plants. The manufacturing process for both the plants is identical, but there are differences in specific areas. 

1. Plant 1 uses min-max planning and Plant 2 uses re-order point planning. 

2. Plant 1 and Plant 2's Variable Lead Times are different. 

3. Plant 1 and Plant 2 use two different WIP (Work In Process) supply subinventories. 

Which two attribute control settings meet the requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Organization Level: WIP Supply Subinventory 

B. Master Level: Stockable, Transactable, Build in WIP Organization Level: Inventory Planning Method 

C. Organization Level: Variable Lead Time, WIP Supply Subinventory 

D. Master Level: Stockable, Variable Lead Time, Inventory Planning Method Organization Level: Transactable 

E. Master Level: Transactable, Inventory Planning Method, Variable Lead Time 

F. Master Level: WIP Supply Subinventory, Variable Lead Time, Stockable, Transactable, Build in WIP 

Answer: B,C 

Q140. Bonus Inc. implemented the ERS functionality in Oracle Purchasing. The Pay on Receipt process is run nightly. The Summary level is set to Pay Site at the supplier site and the Match Approval option on PO shipment is set to Four-Way. Purchase order #001 of 150 units at a unit price of $1 was received in total as Receipt #R-PO001, but not yet inspected and delivered. On the same day, from Purchase Order #002 of 100 units (at a unit price of $1), 50 units was initially received as Receipt #R-PO002, inspected, and delivered. Both purchase orders have the same item, supplier, and supplier sites. What would the Pay on Receipt process generate for these transactions? 

A. a $50 invoice 

B. a $250 invoice 

C. a $150 invoice and a $50 invoice 

D. a $200 invoice with invoice validation on hold 

E. a $250 invoice with invoice validation for $50 on hold 

Answer: D