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2021 May 1Z0-521 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Identify three features that are providing under scheduling in order management. (Choose three)

A. Reserving

B. Scheduling

C. Booking the order

D. Removing scheduling holds

E. Performing automatic pricing

F. Calculating available-to-promise (ATP)

Answer: ABF

Q32. Identify three correct statements regarding the credit card encryption features? (Choose three)

A. Credit type is displayed as card brand.

B. The entire card information is stored at the order-line level.

C. Oracle payment is the single repository for multiple payment mode information access applications modules.

D. Oracle payment is the single repository for multiple payment mode information access set up options.

E. The main idea behind the credit card security code and credit encryption is the make the credit card and bank account information more centralized across the application and hence more secure.

Answer: ACE

Q33. Select the three permissions for setting basic pricing profile options. (Choose three)

A. View

B. Delete

C. Administer

D. Read only

E. No access

F. View and update

Answer: AEF

1Z0-521  actual test

Most recent 1Z0-521 test:

Q34. Identify the four statements related to the MOAC functionality. (Choose four)

A. When querying any transaction, one must specify the operating unit.

B. The operating unit field is a display-only field for the transaction forms.

C. While entering a transaction, the operating unit needs to be selected in case the user wants an operating unit other than the default.

D. While querying for a transaction, entering the operating unit helps the application the query looser number of transaction and results in better performance.

E. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales orders and returns across multiple operating units.

F. A new operating field unit has been added to all the forms that allow the user to view and manage sales agreements and Quotes across multiple operating units.

Answer: CDEF

Q35. Oracle daily Business Intelligence functions are secured using standard Oracle Application function security. Choose three dashboards that are secured by the inventory organization. (Choose three)

A. Inventory Management

B. Warehouse Management

C. Procurement Management

D. Commodity supplier Management

E. Customer fulfillment Management

Answer: ABE

Q36. Identify three steps to perform after defining a Flexfield structure, but before entering values. (Choose three)

A. Select the "Freeze Flexfield definition" check box.

B. Click the compile button to build the Flexfield structure.

C. Save your changes before freezing the flex field definition.

D. Submit a concurrent request to build the flex field structure.

E. Do not save your changes before freezing the flexfield definition.

Answer: ABC


Validated 1Z0-521 questions pool:

Q37. During the customer phase of a project to implement Oracle E-Business suit Release 12, you are responsible for converting historical account balances into Oracle general ledger from a legacy system. There is no account code combination setup in the production instance.

Identify the setup in accounting key Flexfield structure that is requires to perform conversion.

A. Define value sets and assign them to segments.

B. Define segments in the accounting Flexfield structure.

C. Qualify one of segments as a balancing segment.

D. The key Flexfield segments have to be enabled and displayed.

E. Select the "Allow Dynamic inserts" check box in accounting key Flexfield Structure

Answer: E

Q38. Which two statements are true regarding partitioning of data by an application? (Choose two)

A. General Ledger is portioned by Ledgers

B. Accounts payables is portioned by Ledgers

C. Fixed Assets are partitioned by operating unit

D. Accounts receivables is partitioned by operating unit

E. Order management is partitioned by inventory organization

Answer: AD

Q39. ABC Corp uses Oracle E-Business suite Release 12 and wants to design an order status web inquiry screen to make order status visible to its customers online

How can ABC Corp ensure that customers view only their individual order status?

A. By securing attributes for each customer

B. By excluding attributes for individual customers

C. By assigning a separate attribute value for INTERNAL_CONTACT_ID

D. By assigning a same attribute value for CUSTOMER_CONTACT_ID

Answer: A

Q40. The technical architecture in Oracle E-Business suit release 12 supports the business needs of the application. Select three technical features included in the technical architecture in Oracle E-Business Suite release 12. (Choose three)

A. Global

B. Mobile interface

C. Rapid implementation

D. Business intelligence

E. End-to-end integration

F. Self-service (HTML/JSps)

Answer: BDF