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Q1. Select the true statement regarding role proficiency. 

A. The numbers and values can be customized. 

B. User-defined fields can be substituted for numbers and values. 

C. The numbers and values cannot be customized. 

D. Global resource codes can be substituted for numbers and values 

Answer: C

Q2. What is the process that must be followed by a system administrator to create a user? 

A. Create an email account to confirm access after user setup. 

B. Assign a global profile, project profile, and responsible manager. 

C. Request approval from the user's manager before completing the profile. 

D. Assign a role to the user before assigning security profiles. 

Answer: D

Q3. Identify the best definition of the EPS. 

A. The hierarchical definition of project budgets and actual costs. 

B. The hierarchical definition of reporting structures. 

C. The hierarchical structure of the security for projects. 

D. The hierarchical structure of the database of projects. 


Q4. Identify the true statement regarding Schedule Checker. 

A. Before running Schedule Checker, you should schedule the project. 

B. Schedule Checker evaluates the WBS structure to demonstrate standards compliance. 

C. Schedule Checker is run from the Portfolios section. 

D. Run Schedule Checker before scheduling the project to fix issues. 

Answer: BCD

Q5. Yon are working with a customer that has had a legacy Primavera release installed and running in their environment for four years, the CIO tells you that the current EPS does not show the data the way he would like to view it, and, therefore, he would like to restructure the entire EPS. 

Before proceeding, what four options would you present to the CIO so that organizational Impacts are eliminated? 

A. Modify the EPS. 

B. Identify the reporting requirements. 

C. Restructure the OBS. 

D. Add project codes 

E. Modify global filters. 

F. Create user-specific filters. 

G. Modify Group and Sort. 

Answer: ABDE 

Q6. Identify the true statement regarding user security profiles. 

A. Only one project security profile can be assigned to each user. 

B. Only one global security profile can be assigned to each user. 

C. A user's web security profile overrides global or project security profiles. 

D. User security profiles are maintained in the client. 

Answer: B

Q7. Identify two available portfolio chart views in Primavera P6. 


B. Bubble 

C. Histogram 

D. Spreadsheet 

E. Scorecard 

Answer: BC 

Q8. You are an application administrator that has been asked to create a portfolio for an executive. You create the portfolio and have the user test to see whether it meets requirements. However there are a couple of projects that are missing. You look for the portfolio, but it is no longer visible to you. What is the cause of this problem? 

A. The global filters for the portfolio must be refreshed. 

B. You do not have read/write access to the portfolio. 

C. You created it for one user, and you are not that user. 

D. The projects were deleted in error. 

Answer: C

Q9. Identify one new feature in Release 8 related to Resource Management. 

A. Resource GANTT chart 

B. Resource capacity versus demand 

C. Resource teams 

D. Role teams 

Answer: A

Q10. Identify two business use case for templates. 

A. Document standard operating processes 

B. Customized projects for each user in each organization 

C. Facilitate scheduling standards for projects requiring audits 

D. Enhanced resource management and capacity planning 

E. Top-down budgeting and costed actuals 

Answer: AC