Exam Code: 1Z0-822 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration Exam
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Sep 1Z0-822 exam topics

Q71. You decide to create a new rights profile to include a selection of Solaris authorizations and commands. The commands in your selection will require extra privileges. 

Which two files will you modify to add these privileges and authorizations? 

A. /etc/user_attr 

B. /etc/security/auth_attr 

C. /etc/security/prof_attr 

D. /etc/security/exec_attr 

E. /etc/security/prof_attr.d/core-os 

F. /etc/security/auth_attr.d/core-os 

Answer: A,C 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/html/E36219/rights-1.html (See rights profiles) 

Q72. At which two stages are backups of the service configuration repository made? 

A. during boot, after the early-manifest-import service finishes 

B. during boot, before the manifest-import service starts 

C. during manifest import, before the manifest-import service finishes 

D. during manifest import, after the manifest-import service finishes 

E. when a service is modified using the svccfg command 

F. after the last successful boot 

G. when the svcadm refresh command is executed 

Answer: D,F 

Q73. You created a role. The role should be able to change the configuration of a zone. How will you assign that privilege to the role? 

A. Modify the zone using the admin resource, set the user property to the role and the auths property to manage. 

B. Assign to the role the zone Management Rights Profile. 

C. Assign to the role the solaris.zones.* authorization. 

D. Assign to the role the zone Security Rights Profile. 

Answer: B 

Q74. You administer an Oracle Solaris 11 server. You created an IPS repository and set the pkg publisher origin. You did not configure the pkg/service service. 

What type of access have you provided for your now repository? 

A. a file interface repository 

B. a local host-only repository 

C. a testing-interface repository 

D. a pkg.depotd configured interface 

Answer: B 

Q75. You have set resource controls on a project. Now you want to set up syslog to monitor a particular resource control and log a message whenever the resource control is exceeded. 

Which option would you choose to activate logging on the global resource control facility to establish a syslog action on a resource control? 

A. Use the rctladm command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control. 

B. Use the prctl command to enable the global syslog attribute of resource control. 

C. Use the ipcs command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control. 

D. Use the setrctl command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control. 

E. By default, global logging of resource control violations is already enabled. Make an entry in the syslog.conf file and refresh the system-log service. 

Answer: A 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/817-1592/rmctrls-3/index.html (see 'Global Monitoring of Resource Control Events' which appears at the very end of the page) 

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Update 1Z0-822 practice test:

Q76. You plan to use the Automated Installer (AI) to install a nonglobal zone named zone1. You created custom manifest for the nonglobal zone and named it zone1manifest. 

Which command must you use to add this custom manifest to the s11-sparc install service and associate this custom manifest with the nonglobal zone? 

A. installadm create-profile –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –c zonename=“zone1” 

B. installadm create-manifest –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c 


C. installadm create-client –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c 


D. installadm create-server –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c 


Answer: B 

Q77. You added an update to the system using a support repository updates (SRU) image: 

# mkdir /SRU 

# mount –F hsfs /var/tem/sru-name.iso  /SRU # pkgrecv –s /SRU/repo –d /export/IPS/repo ‘*’ 

You now want to clear all catalog, search and other cached information from this package repository. Select the command that clears cached data. 

A. pkg refresh 

B. pkgrepo rebuild 

C. pkgrepo refresh 

D. pkg.depotd restart 

Answer: A 

Q78. You need to configure three zones. 

-zone1 will run an HTTP server, zone2 an application server, and zone3 a database. 

-zone1 must be accessible to clients on other systems. 

-zone2 and zone3 must not be accessible to the outside world. 

-zone2 and zone3 must also communicate without going through zone1. 

Identify the correct requirement. 

A. zone1 will need a VNIC to connect to a physical Ethernet link. 

B. zone1 will need at least two VNICs. 

C. zone2 and zone3 will need a dedicated etherstub. 

D. One etherstub will be necessary. 

E. A flow is needed to filter HTTP requests to zone1. 

Answer: C 

Q79. Yon are using the svc:/network/http:apache22 service to manage your web server. 

You have noticed that this service starts as the root: user and later changes to a nonprivileged user called webservd. You do not want this service to operate as the root user and any time. Which option correctly describes how you could achieve this task? 

A. Modify the privileges in the service configuration. 

B. Add an authorization to the webservd users' rights' profile. 

C. Create a webservd role with a modified exec_attr entry. 

D. Modify the PHIV_AWARE state of the service configuration. 

Answer: A 

Q80. Which three statements describe Solaris 11 boot environments (BEs)? 

A. A full backup of your OS image is provided. 

B. Packages can be installed and uninstalled in an inactive BE. 

C. The OS can be upgraded in an active BF while the system is live without impacting production. 

D. A new BE can be created from the snapshot of an existing BE. 

E. A BE can become active without rebooting the system. 

F. An active BE can be unmounted and upgraded without impacting production. 

Answer: C,D,F