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2021 Aug 1Z0-489 practice question

Q31. Which statement is true about LDom functions and features? 

A. Each domain operates like an independent server that has full hardware isolation from the others. 

B. Each domain is a virtualized environment with a reconfigurable subset of hardware resources and an OS that can be started, stopped, and rebooted independently. 

C. LDoms enable you to isolate one application from others on the same OS, allowing you to create an isolated environment in which users can log in and do what they want from inside this environment without affecting others. 

D. A maximum of 128 domains can exist on each SPARC M5-32 s 

Answer: C 


Q32. Before running a snapshot you want to check the snapshot settings. Which command would you run? 

A. show /snapshot 

B. show /SP/snapshot 

C. show /SYS/diag/snapshot 

D. show /SP/diag/snapshot 

Answer: B 


Q33. There are a total of 36 fan modules in the SPARC M5-32 server, and all are redundant and hot- swappable. Which statement is correct? 

A. Half of the 36x fan modules are located on the front and the other half on the rear. 18x 

fan modules are in front fan cages and 18x fan modules are in back fan cages. 

B. 36x fan modules are located on the front and rear; 12x fan modules are in front fan 

cages, 12x fan modules are in back middle fan cages, and 12x fan modules are in back 

lower fan cages. 

C. All 36x fan modules are located on the front, 16x fan modules in upper fan cages, 


modules in lower fan cages, and 2x fan modules on each side (left and right next to the 


D. All 36x fan modules are located on the front, 12x fan modules are In upper fan cages, 

12x fan modules are in middle fan cages, and 12x fan modules are in lower fan cages. 

Answer: A 

Q34. In order for ASR to work on the system, what must the customer have configured? 

A. ASR Host 

B. ASR Client system 

C. ASR Manager system 


Answer: C 


Q35. When you perform a firmware upgrade at a customer’s site, what three things actually get updated? 

A. Oracle ILOM firmware 

B. OpenBoot PROM firmware 

C. POST firmware 

D. Oracle Solaris firmware 

E. Disk firmware 

Answer: A,B,E 


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Up to date 1Z0-489 simulations:

Q36. After completing an installation, you need to collect the system’s configuration. Which two actions do you perform? 

A. Explorer on the SPs 

B. Explorer on the PDoms 

C. Snapshot on the SPs 

D. Snapshot on the PDoms 

Answer: B,D 

Q37. Before turning the system over to a customer, you want to verify that both SPs are functional. Which action do you perform to test the failover? 

A. Set /SP/failover on. 

B. Start /SP/failover. 

C. Set /SP/redundancy failover=true. 

D. Set /SP/redundancy initiate_ failover_ action=true 

Answer: D 


Q38. You power –on PDomain0 and notice that it does not go through POST, Examine the following output: 

In order for this to go through post, which property needs to be changed? 

A. level 

B. mode 

C. power_on_level 

D. error_reset_level 

Answer: C 

Q39. Assuming that HOST2 is composed of only DCU2, which two targets report the type of CPUs that belong to this DCU? 

A. /System/DCUs/DCU_2 cpu- summary 

B. /System/Processor type 

C. /Servers/PDomains/PDoma1n_2/System/Processors summary- description 

D. /Servers/DCU_2/Processors model 

Answer: A,D 


Q40. When booting up a pre-installed domain, you are asked for some configuration information. Where should you look for that information? 

A. System Administration Guide 

B. Installation and Configuration Plan 

C. Installation Guide 

D. Server Product Notes 

Answer: C