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2021 May 1Z0-515 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Which is NOT among Oracle SQL Analytic functions included in Oracle Database 11g?

A. Ranking functions

B. Substring functions

C. Window aggregate functions

D. LAG/LEAD functions

E. All of the above

Answer: B

Q22. You think that result set caching might provide some benefits for your current data warehouse scenario. You perform some analysis on the composition of the queries used in the scenario. Identify the result of the analysis that would indicate the most potential for improvement with result set caching.

A. The scenario consists mainly of queries that are used infrequently.

B. The scenario consists mainly of queries that work on data which changes frequently.

C. The scenario consists mainly of queries with long run times and small result sets.

D. All data warehouse scenarios will benefit from result set caching.

Answer: C

Q23. How many Exadata Storage Server cells are there in a Full Rack Exadata database machine configuration that has 8 Database Server nodes?

A. 2

B. 14

C. 16

D. 24

Answer: B


Updated 1Z0-515 practice exam:

Q24. Your customer wants to implement an ILM strategy. The customer must have which option when deploying Oracle's ILM Assistant to implement this strategy?


B. Partitioning


D. OracleClusterware

Answer: B

Q25. Identify the benefit of using interval partitioning.

A. Automatic creation of new partitions based on hash values

B. Automatic creation of new partitions based on the value of data being entered

C. Improved performance compared to range partitions

D. Automatic transfer of older partitions lower cost storage

Answer: B

Q26. Which best describes Oracle's OLAP Option for Oracle Database 11g Release 2?

A. Is stored as relational tables and is considered a ROLAP solution

B. Uses bitmap indexes

C. Physically stores MOUP cubes as objects within the relational database

D. Is available both within the Oracle Database and as a stand-alone solution

Answer: A


Certified 1Z0-515 training materials:

Q27. Identify the type of refresh that is NOT supported by materialized views.

A. Deferred

B. Incremental

C. Full

D. Heuristic

Answer: D

Q28. Identify the statement about ASM that is NOT true.

A. ASM is easier to manage than file systems.

B. ASM delivers the performance of raw partitions.

C. ASM is an extra cost option for Oracle databases.

D. ASM delivers automatic striping and mirroring.

Answer: B

Q29. The most performant way to load data from an external table that will also guarantee direct path loading is:

A. Using Create Table as Select (CTAS)

B. Using Data Pump

C. Using Insert as Select (IAS)

D. Using transparent gateways

Answer: A

Q30. Your customer wants to determine "market baskets." What do you recommend?

A. Use Oracle OLAP Option.

B. Use Oracle SQL Analytic Functions.

C. Useassociations algorithm in Oracle Data Mining.

D. Use regression analysis in Oracle Data Mining

Answer: C