Exam Code: 1Z0-559 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3 Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Aug 1Z0-559 question

Q11. Which two guest operating systems are supported when deploying a VMware vSphere Desktop Provider within Oracle VDI? 

A. Oracle Linux 5.6 

B. Windows 2000 SP4 

C. Windows 7 

D. Oracle Solaris 10 

E. Windows XP 

Answer: B,E 


Q12. You are installing an Oracle VDI center that consists of a primary host only for a customer. Is this a supported configuration? 

A. Yes, only on Solaris10platforms. 

B. Yes,it issupported. 

C. Yes, butonly if you have a remote database configured. Otherwise, it is not supported. 

D. No, itis not supported unless it has a primary and secondary VDI host configured. 

Answer: B 


Q13. In what order does data flow through Oracle VDI architecture elements? 

A. Virtualization,Management, Desktop Access, Storage 

B. Delivery, Virtualization, Management, Storage 

C. Desktop Access, Management, Virtualization, Storage 

D. Delivery, Database, Virtualization, Management 

Answer: B 


Q14. Which combination of Oracle VDI software modules will be installed with the command vda-install? 

A. VDIcore,VDI Center Agent, MySQLDatabase,VDIWeb server, RDP Broker,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

B. VDIcore,VDICenter Agent, MySQLDatabase, VDI Webserver, VirtualBox, Sun Ray Client,JREand Sun Ray Server 

C. VDI core, VDIcenterAgent, MySQL Database,VDIWeb server, VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,JRE, and Sun Ray Server 

D. VDIcore, VIM CenterAgent,MySQL Database, VDI Web server,VirtualBox, RDP Broker,Sun RayClient,andSun Ray Server 

Answer: A 

Q15. A customer has an IT group that needs to be able to plug in USB 2.0 devices. Which three steps do you need to take in order to allow USB redirection in a Windows 7 virtual machine? 

A. Prepare virtualmachinetemplate, ensuring thata USB 2.0 controlleris enabled on thevirtualmachine 

B. EnableUSB support in the Pool settings tab 

C. Create local useraccountsin the virtual machine 

D. Import the prepared virtual machine asatemplate into the Oracle VDI host 

E. It you are using VRDP, enable COM port mapping 

Answer: A,B,E 


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Q16. After setting up the user directory on your Oracle VDI center, you are told that the security level needs to be changed. If you have already chosen the connection type, is it still possible to change the security level? 

A. Yes, you can change the sosecuritylevel, but onlyif you have defined additional fallback hosts. 

B. Yes, it is possible to change the security level, but only if additional Fallback hosts have not yetbeen defined. 

C. Yes,it is possible to change the security level, but only if you are using AD. 

D. No,itis notpossible tochangethe securitylevels in either LDAP or Active Directory. 

Answer: C 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E36500_01/E36503/html/directories-reconfigure.html(See 3.11.2) 

Q17. Kerberos requires some specific configuration on the Active Directly server prior to setting up the user directory in the Oracle VDI Manager. Select three options that apply. 

A. Kerberos authentication must be enabledin Active Directory. 

B. The /etc/krb5/krb5.conf file must be enabled in Active Directory. 

C. Ensure that each ActiveDirectory forest has a global catalog server. 

D. You must set theForestFunctionalLevelto Windows2008 or Windows 2008R2 if theDomain Controller isrunning on a Microsoft Windows2008 or2008 R2server. 

E. Ensure thatthe Active Directory server has at least 4GB RAM and a 2.8GHz CPU minimum. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23941_01/E24173/html/kerberos-auth.html(See steps 1, 2 and 3) 

Q18. Which two statements are correct about the default Oracle VDI built-in database configuration? 

A. Thesecondary database is not active unlesstheprimary host is unavailable. 

B. Allnon-primary VDI Center hosts have a read-only copy of the database. 

C. The first secondary hostadded to the VDI Center runs a slave database. 

D. There is one primary host and two secondary hosts in a VDI Center always. 

Answer: A,C 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26217_01/E35769/html/vdi-centers-about.html(see 2.1.2) 

Q19. Which two hypervisor options do not support template revision management from the Oracle VDI admin GUI? 

A. OracleVirtualBox 

B. Microsoft Windows2008Hyper-V 

C. VMware vSphere 

D. Citrix XenDesktop 

Answer: B,C 


52. Your users are complaining that their Sun Ray clients are no longer connecting to their Oracle VDI session. The users state that there is an hour glass on the screen and the OSD icon is showing the number 21. Which condition will cause this OSD code to appear? 

A. When the Sun Ray clientis downloading now firmware 

B. Whenthe VPN connection is attempting to connect or reconnect 

C. When DHCP services are notresponding 

D. When thereis no access to the VirtualBox VMs 

Answer: C 

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19481-01/819-2389/t-s.html(see 21) 

Q20. Which four items are required for smart card authentication to Windows using Sun Ray clients? 

A. PC/SClite 

B. Windows VM with MS-RDP 

C. Windows with VRDP 

D. Smart Card Middleware 

E. Linux with vRDP 

F. Smart Card provisioned with certificates and applets 

G. Solaris with vRDP 

Answer: A,C,D,F